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The Osprey Enigma - Special Offer

Submitted by Nigel Bernard on Tue, 04/12/2016 - 07:32
The Osprey Enigma - Special Offer

To mark World Osprey Week, from 11th to 15th April, 2016, The Osprey Enigma can be purchased from Lulu at 30% off recommended price. Here is an exclusive extract to whet your appetite. Beverley and her parents are visiting the Bamfords, who own a cafe and craft shop near the osprey centre …

    ‘Derek, I guess you’re busy in the workshop making things to sell next year,’ said Dad, as he ate a chocolate.

    ‘Yep, walking sticks, brass nameplates, carved animals, anything that will sell.’

    ‘Those carved animals and birds you make are amazing,’ said Mum, ‘especially the ospreys.’

    ‘As long as you’ve got the right type of wood, it’s pretty straight forward,’ said Mr Bamford. He took a sip of tea. ‘How are the ospreys doing, Matt? They will come back won’t they?’

    ‘We were a bit worried about the female,’ said Dad. ‘We lost the signal for nearly a day but she is now transmitting again. She’s flying over Spain. Mitch is already over Africa. As far as we can tell, they’re both okay.’

    ‘But they will come back, won’t they?’ asked Mrs Bamford. ‘Our craft shop and cafe depends on people coming down to us in the summer after visiting the osprey centre.’

    ‘Well, we can’t be sure,’ said Dad, ‘but they’ve returned here for the last five years so hopefully they will come back again next year.’

    ‘I hope so,’ said Mrs Bamford. ‘We won’t make enough money if they don’t return.’

    ‘What would you do then, Mrs Bamford?’ I asked.

    ‘We would have to sell the shop and cafe and Derek would have to find another job.’

    I thought of Mildred making her lonely way to Africa. She had to make it. She just had to.