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Jacques Cousteau

Perilous Passage through the Coral Maze

Jacques Cousteau is watching nervously on the bridge of his ship Calypso as it slowly makes it way through a maze of razor-sharp coral towards the mysterious Blue Hole. One wrong move and the coral could slice open the hull.

28th August, 2020Read more
In Mountainous Seas

In Mountainous Seas

Francis Chichester is sailing in Gipsy Moth IV in the pitch black of night towards the dreaded Cape Horn.

21st August, 2020Read more
Tumbling in Orbit

Tumbling in Orbit

Neil Armstrong and his fellow astronaut, Dave Scott, are in big trouble. Their Gemini spacecraft is tumbling and rolling, spinning once every second.

14th August, 2020Read more
Alexei Leonov

Trapped Outside the Spacecraft

Alexei Leonov has completed the first ever spacewalk. But as he reaches the airlock he realises his suit has expanded in the vacuum of space. He cannot fit inside. He is trapped outside the spacecraft.

7th August, 2020Read more
Red Adair

Inferno in the Desert

Red Adair is in a converted caterpillar truck inching towards a towering fire at an exploded gas well in the Sahara Desert. He intends to extinguish it by placing high explosive at its base.

31st July, 2020Read more
Jacques Piccard

Cracking Under Pressure

Jacques Piccard is thousands of metres below the sea in his tiny deep-sea submersible heading towards the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean. Then he and his companion, Don Walsh, hear an ominous crack and feel their craft shudder.

24th July, 2020Read more
Attacked by a Lioness

Attacked by a Lioness

George Adamson is hunting for a man-eating lion which had been attacking villagers in the plains of Africa. Then, a lioness leaps out of nowhere and charges towards a fellow game warden. It seems certain he will not survive.

17th July, 2020Read more
Vertical Climb in the Death Zone

Vertical Climb in the Death Zone

The first ascent of Everest in 1953 by Hillary and Tenzing was an epochal moment in mountaineering history.

10th July, 2020Read more
Man Overboard

Man Overboard

The dramatic voyage of Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon-Tiki is a story all children should know about.  It was full of danger and adventure, but none more so than when a man fell overboard into the shark-infested waters of the Pacific … To find out

3rd July, 2020Read more
Visibility Zero

Visbility Zero

Alone in his tiny plane, the Spirit of St Louis, Charles Lindbergh is flying solo above the Atlantic en route from New York to Paris.

26th June, 2020Read more
Stranded on the Ice

Stranded on the Ice

Today sees the publication of the second story in the exciting weekly serial, Into Danger with the Adventurers - Twelve Epic Lives of the Twentieth Century.

19th June, 2020Read more
The Bottomless Crevasse

Into Danger with the Adventurers

Today sees the launch of an exciting weekly serial, Into Danger with the Adventurers - Twelve Epic Lives of the Twentieth Century.

12th June, 2020Read more
Dog Blog

Dog Blogs

I have had a change from writing books in the past few months - I have been writing some Dog Blogs!

11th June, 2019Read more
The Diary as a Story Format

The Diary as a Story Format

It is helpful after time has gone by to reflect on the process gone through in arriving at the final form of a book. Take for example, my book, The Osprey Enigma.

24th May, 2018Read more
Lulu's Weekly Children's Top 100

'Hi-Tech Kid' at Number One!

Exciting news!

13th January, 2018Read more
Charlie Lupton and the Hi-Tech Kid

'Hi-Tech Kid' Out Now!

Charlie Lupton and the Hi-Tech Kid has now been published! Read the first chapter here

30th December, 2017Read more
Charlie Lupton and the Hi-Tech Kid

'Hi-Tech Kid' back cover summary

The publication of the new Charlie Lupton adventure, Charlie Lupton and the Hi-Tech Kid, is fast approaching! The back cover summary can now be revealed:

22nd December, 2017Read more
Libraries Week

Libraries Week at Pembroke Dock

I had a great time at Pembroke Dock Library on Wednesday afternoon, 11th October, 2017.

17th October, 2017Read more
Swallows And Amazons

Swallows And Amazons

Swallows And Amazons1 was written by Arthur Ransome and first published in 1930. It was the first of what proved to be a series of twelve books.

27th September, 2017Read more
Charlie Lupton and the Hi-Tech Kid

Charlie Lupton and the Hi-Tech Kid

Stop Press: I have now started writing the next Charlie Lupton book! The proposed title is: Charlie Lupton and the Hi-Tech Kid. More news to follow … 

27th April, 2017Read more


Heidi1 was written in German by the Swiss author, Johanna Spyri.

17th March, 2017Read more
Nigel A. Bernard,Children's Author

My Visit to Stivichall Primary School

I had a great visit to Stivichall Primary School, Coventry last week. I went on Thursday to join in with their World Book Day activities.

6th March, 2017Read more
Stivichall Primary School

World Book Day at Stivichall Primary School

I am very much looking forward to visiting Stivichall Primary School in Coventry on Thursday to help with their World Book Day activities.

28th February, 2017Read more
Mickey Dewhurst Look-a-like

Going to School as Mickey Dewhurst

Top marks to Elisha, an avid Charlie Lupton reader. As part of the upcoming World Book Day he went to school dressed as a character from a book.

19th January, 2017Read more

'Charlie Lupton' is in the National Library of Wales

It was a pleasure to recently comply with a request from the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth to provide it with a copy of

20th December, 2016Read more
The Bridge of Terror

The Bridge of Terror

Following the success of Last Flight to Lukla another short story has now been written about Sherpa Pemba.

7th November, 2016Read more
Source: ALE

Project Sky Canvas

In Charlie Lupton and the Secret Satellite, a research satellite fires meteorites which are supposed to land in a remote area of Norway.

5th November, 2016Read more
The Railway Children

The Railway Children

The Railway Children* by Edith Nesbit was first published as a book in 1906, having been serialized in The London Magazine the previous year.

25th October, 2016Read more
Dahl montage

Roald Dahl on writing for children

This month sees the centenary of the birth, on September 13th, 1916, of Roald Dahl, the master children’s storyteller. What can writers learn from Dahl about writing for children?

5th September, 2016Read more
Golden Manor Nursery

Making Books at Golden Manor

I had a great time last week on Tuesday morning making books with the 7-12 year olds at the holiday club at Golden Manor Nursery in Pembroke.

10th August, 2016Read more
Read a book on the grass

100 things to do at school before the age of 11

When writing a story for children that includes a school context, what kind of things should be included? Or better, what kind of things would children like to be included?

25th July, 2016Read more
The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden* by Frances Hodgson Burnett was first published as a book in 1911, having previously been serialized from Autumn 1910 onwards in The American Magazine

13th July, 2016Read more
Story Liner

All aboard the Story Liner!

I’m busy developing a series of programmes called Story Liner with the local internet TV station, Showboat TV.

17th June, 2016Read more
Cessna 525 CitationJet (G-SFCJ) released into the public domain by Arpingstone at

Jet on the school field

Truth can be stranger than fiction. Imagine a passage in a Charlie Lupton book which went something like this:

23rd May, 2016Read more
The Osprey Enigma - Special Offer

The Osprey Enigma - Special Offer

To mark World Osprey Week, from 11th to 15th April, 2016, The Osprey Enigma can be purchased from

12th April, 2016Read more
By Gareth Rasberry (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

A wow week in April

It’s going to be a wow week from 11th to 15th April 2016 because that is World Osprey Week (WOW). It’s organized by Rutland Osprey Project.

29th March, 2016Read more
Rocket Launch

The 'Secret Satellite' has been launched

We have liftoff! Charlie Lupton and the Secret Satellite has been successfully launched! It’s another adventure full of excitement and humour.

17th March, 2016Read more
International Space Station. Source: Clip Art.

Secret Satellite Launch Approaches

The countdown to the launch of Charlie Lupton and the Secret Satellite is now entering its final phase. We have been busy in the past few days with pre-flight checks on thousands of components - i.e. proofreading thousands of words.

14th March, 2016Read more
Charlie Lupton and the Secret Satellite

Secret Satellite back cover summary

The all-important back-cover summary for the upcoming Charlie Lupton and the Secret Satellite can now be revealed:

8th February, 2016Read more
Hill Top - Beatrix Potter's house

New story by Beatrix Potter

Exciting news has been released today for all Beatrix Potter fans.

26th January, 2016Read more
The Silver Sword

The Silver Sword

The Silver Sword* was written by Ian Serraillier and published in 1956.

22nd January, 2016Read more
BBC 500 Words 2016

BBC's 500 Words 2016

The BBC writing competition for children, 500 Words 2016, is up and running.  It’s for ages 5 to 13 years and the closing date is 25th February.

20th January, 2016Read more
Last Flight to Lukla

Last Flight to Lukla

One of the most popular characters so far in the Charlie Lupton books has been Sherpa Pemba, who appeared in Charlie Lupton’s Sherpa Adventure.

19th January, 2016Read more
Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was first published in 1865 and written by C

7th January, 2016Read more
Re-entry by Nigel Bernard

Charlie Lupton and the Secret Satellite

The draft for the next Charlie Lupton adventure has been written! It will be entitled Charlie Lupton and the Secret Satellite.

10th December, 2015Read more

The Viewpoint of the Narrator

A key decision which the author must make from the outset is what viewpoint or viewpoints to adopt. Is the story going to be being written from only one character’s perspective, or that of several characters?

9th December, 2015Read more
Children's Words

Words Used by Children

It is important that children’s speech in stories sounds authentic. Children will soon notice if it is not.

12th November, 2015Read more
Credit: "Prairie Homestead" by Chitrapa - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -

Little House on the Prairie

Little house on the prairie* was written by Laura Ingalls Wilder with the help of her daughter Rose.

12th November, 2015Read more