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Project Sky Canvas

Submitted by Nigel Bernard on Sat, 11/05/2016 - 18:55
Source: ALE

In Charlie Lupton and the Secret Satellite, a research satellite fires meteorites which are supposed to land in a remote area of Norway. A satellite firing meteorites? Crazy, right?  Not quite. I recently heard about a Japanese Company, ALE, and their project called Sky Canvas. This involves launching a satellite which will fire tiny pellets from space into the atmosphere. These will appear as meteors in the sky, with the purpose of providing the ultimate fireworks display over a designated area. Click here for their amazing video.  Okay, so the pellets will be burning up long before they reach the ground, so it’s not quite like the Secret Satellite. But what we can say is that the Charlie Lupton Adventures are pushing the outside of the envelope - and beyond.

Meanwhile, if your knowledge of space is well inside the envelope and you don’t know the difference between a meteor and meteorite, check out the sample chapter in the link at the beginning of the blog, where Geraldine provides the answer …